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The Loyalty Gods of Fantasy Football

OK, it’s taken me a couple days to get over the Redskins’ gut-wrenching loss to the Cowgirls on Monday night.  But I’m back.  I got an email from a reader, and fellow Redskins fan, with the following question that may be applicable to others out there: “Can you be upset after the fact if your … Continue reading

I swear, I’m not stalking him

These Romo things just keep falling into my lap.  Take a look at his high school yearbook photo…do you think this guy will strike fear in the minds of the Redskins tonight?

Hola, Victor Cruz!

A couple weeks ago I mistakenly took Giants’ WR Victor Cruz off my fantasy radar when they signed veteran slot receiver Brandon Stokley.  Well, yesterday Cruz proved me wrong with 3 receptions for 110 yds and 2 TDs.  With Domenick Hixon out for the season and Mario Manningham out yesterday after suffering a concussion, and … Continue reading

Week 3 Survivor Pick

I was 6-0 on my picks last week, though I’m not going to pat myself on the back too much, since 4 of them were gimmes.  This week should prove a little harder to predict, as there are a lot of intradivision games, which I think are always up for grabs.  As a rule, I … Continue reading

Fail to the Chiefs

OK, it really makes me sad to see a team with so little hope after only two weeks of football.  I feel sorry for the players that have to continue to take the field every week; I feel sorry for Jamaal Charles thinking about what his season could’ve been; and, mostly, I feel sorry for … Continue reading

Another reason to dislike the Giants

I would take Jessica Simpson over champagne-swilling Gaga ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.  (Credit to A Girl Named Bong for bringing it to my attention.)

Dispelling Misconceptions

So, watching football this weekend, I noticed a lot of things that are actually not what the common belief might have been, or what they might’ve used to be.  Some came as a surprise to me, some are things I’ve probably known all along, but got reinforced this weekend.  Here’s what was most obvious to … Continue reading

Monday Morning Quarterback

Last week I gave some advice to one of our readers, Los Medicos de Nueva York, about his quarterback situation.  Los Medicos didn’t draft a QB until the later rounds of his draft and ended up with Matt Cassel and Cam Newton on his squad.  Fortunately for him, Cam Newton has turned out to be … Continue reading

Big Injuries in Week 2

There were injuries to a number of high-impact fantasy players this weekend, causing owners to scramble for replacements.  Probably the biggest news was Jamal Charles’s reportedly torn ACL.  If that’s the case, he’ll be out for the season.  An MRI should confirm today.  Dexter McCluster is probably the KC back to choose as his replacement, … Continue reading

Week 2 – Injury Updates

As of Sunday morning, here are the latest injury updates.  (I’ve only included players that are on the fantasy radar.) Roddy White – thigh – probable to play.  Shouldn’t be any concern starting him here…except facing the Eagles’ secondary. Lee Evans – ankle – probable to play. Stevie Johnson – groin – will play. Marion … Continue reading