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I am endlessly amused by this…

Tony Romo is the butt of many jokes, but does he have to bring it upon himself so much???  Read this blurb from AM NY.  My friend Dan’s reaction was this:

1) Real men play sardines.
2) Dude is 6’3″ 225lbs and he’s talking up his hiding abilities like he’s Anne Frank.
3) He admits he cheated. I can picture him telling his buddies he’s gotta grab some more Freeze Pops out of the Hyundai Elentra he rented and in reality he’s running around giggling and casing the place like he’s Matlock searching for good hiding places.
4) 100 bucks said his friends had him hide and they went back inside to drink beers and try and find naked pictures of Jessica Simpson on Tony’s phone.
5) 1000 bucks said there were none, and they only found pics of Romo in a Raggedy Andy costume posing with all the candy he got Trick o’ Treating last year.



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