This Week in Fantasy

Week 2 – Wide Receiver Struggle

In my 14-team PPR league, my wide receivers are: Mike Wallace, Julio Jones, Steve Smith (CAR), Nate Burleson and Randall Cobb. Mike Wallace is an obvious WR1–no brainer, I’m starting him. Beyond that, it’s a big gamble. I feel pretty good about starting Nate Burleson. I love him this year, and I think he’ll produce enough to be a decent WR2/Flex option, plus I like the match up vs. KC, so I’m starting him at WR2 and feel ok about that decision.

My running back situation is surprisingly atrocious this year (combination of bad position in draft plus taking some high-upside gambles that are unstartable as of yet), so I need to start a third receiver in my flex position. Julio had a mediocre week last week and against the Eagles D I think he’s an obvious non-starter.

So I’m looking at a veteran clear #1 receiver on a crappy team with a rookie QB against a top defense versus a rookie one-hit wonder down the depth charts on a juggernaut offense against a crappy defense. My instinct is that the Packers will be running a lot in the second half after a quick 21 pts or more in the first half (likely Jennings, Finley, and Starks with TDs), and that Cobb won’t get as lucky again on special teams. So he sits. Here’s hoping that Cam Newton is the real deal, and despite the unlikelihood of producing much offense, Smith will be able to pull out at least 60 yards and a TD as the #1 receiver.



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