This Week in Fantasy

Week 2 Survivor Pick

Here are my thoughts on Survivor Pool picks this week:

Obvious Choices:

Jaguars at Jets (-9) – The Jets are home and the Jags are awful.  This should be an easy pick, even though the Jets really just got lucky against the Cowboys last week.  At first I thought I might want to save the Jets for later in the season, but, besides Oakland next week, their upcoming schedule is all division rivals, the Ravens and the Chargers, so this might be the week to use them after all.  Besides Oakland, the next “easy” game is KC in mid-December, and in my experience Survivor Pools rarely make it that far….

Seahawks at Steelers (-14) – The Steelers are going to want mad redemption for being dominated by the Ravens last week, and according to Vegas they’re expected to come back against the weak Seahawks with a bang.  They should be a sure thing to pick this week, but with upcoming games against the Jags, Titans and Bengals, it might be worth holding off on them for now.

Packers at Panthers (+10) – Aaron Rodgers led the Pack with authority last week against the NFC South’s best team, so it seems likely they’ll manhandle the Panthers.  Still, Cam Newton is enough of a question mark, and it’s an away game, which is just enough to make me shy away.

Chiefs at Lions (-8) – The Chiefs, favored last week, turned out to be atrocious and lost their best defender, so they should be no match for Matthew Stafford’s offense.  Still, the Lions are everyone’s bandwagon favorite up-and-coming team, which could be inflating that spread a little, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to pick them yet.  They’ve got a couple other match-ups down the road where they will be pickable.

Alternative Choices:

In case you’re a contrarian who likes to go against the popular picks, on the off chance a fluke loss eliminates the bulk of your competitors, I also like the Cowboys at the 49ers and the Giants at home against the Rams.



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