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Big Injuries in Week 2

There were injuries to a number of high-impact fantasy players this weekend, causing owners to scramble for replacements.  Probably the biggest news was Jamal Charles’s reportedly torn ACL.  If that’s the case, he’ll be out for the season.  An MRI should confirm today.  Dexter McCluster is probably the KC back to choose as his replacement, but given how things are going for the Chiefs, staying away from KC all together may be just as wise….

In other running back news, Arian Foster had a quiet day, claiming fatigue and a re-aggravated hamstring.  Keep your eye on him for next week, but in the mean time, Ben Tate easily picked up the slack.  Felix Jones also suffered a separated shoulder early on in the Cowboys vs. 49ers game.  He continued to play sporadically, but DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice played more downs, and rumor is that Jones will sit out until after their Week 5 bye.

The Cowboys suffered a couple other injuries to headliners: Miles Austin re-aggravated his hamstring and sat out the end of the game.  Keep your eye on his progress throughout the week.  Hopefully for the Cowboys Dez Bryant will at least be available against the Redskins if Austin is not.  As a Redskins fan, though, given the injuries to our secondary, it would be nice if Bryant and Austin are unavailable or at least not at full speed….

Tony Romo cracked a rib in the second quarter.  Kitna came in and took over for him, but after an INT, a touchdown and then another INT, Romo sucked it up and went back in the game for the win, furthering my love-hate relationship with him.  He had a lot of making up to do after last week.  I would assume since he continued to play yesterday his rib injury won’t be an issue for next week.

Michael Vick suffered a concussion late in the 3rd quarter of last night’s game.  Reports of him coughing up blood are slightly exaggerated–he bit his tongue when he went down, but nothing more serious.  The Eagles were leading by 10 when Vick went to the locker room.  Atlanta fans booed him on his way out, and he snarkily pointed at the scoreboard.  Too bad that came back to dog-bite him in the ass.  (yuk, yuk, yuk…)



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