This Week in Fantasy

Fail to the Chiefs

OK, it really makes me sad to see a team with so little hope after only two weeks of football.  I feel sorry for the players that have to continue to take the field every week; I feel sorry for Jamaal Charles thinking about what his season could’ve been; and, mostly, I feel sorry for Kansas City fans.  But we have business to think about, and that means you are going to want to play any of your fantasy players who are matched up against the Chiefs all season long.

This week is a particularly lopsided match-up, with the Chargers taking on the Chiefs in San Diego.  San Diego Defense should have a big week.  Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson are obvious starters as well.  Antonio Gates, who was largely double covered and shut down by the Patriots, should come back and have a normal week for himself.  Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert stand to have the biggest days for the Chargers, as San Diego is likely to take a commanding lead and keep the ball on the ground for clock control.  After last week’s costly fumble and a minor calf injury, Tolbert seems to have fallen from grace a little, whereas Mathews is shining, but my guess is Tolbert comes back a little and evens the playing field once again.

The only Chargers player you probably don’t want to start this week is Malcom Floyd.  He sat out of practice yesterday with a groin injury, and if Norv Turner doesn’t need him on Sunday, which I don’t think he would, he’s likely to just let Floyd rest.  Floyd has been mediocre so far anyway–if he were on my squad, I would be dropping him in favor of someone more up-and-coming.

Other guys I like this week (trying to avoid the too-obvious names):

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Divisional rivalry.  In Buffalo.  Patriots giving up over 300 yds passing per game.  Bills offense is hot.  Enough said.

Ahmad Bradshaw – The Eagles defensive scheme is pass oriented with a lot of nickel packages and wide DE line-ups.  Eli might have a rough day, but look for Bradshaw to average at least 5 yds a carry if the O-line can get him some holes.  The Giants haven’t been very successful running the ball yet, but I think Bradshaw will be key to keeping them in this game.

Deji Karim – Granted, I like MJD more, but if you’re in a bind for RB, I think Karim is a good sleeper.  He only had 7 carries last week, but that was against the Jets D.  I would expect his usage to be more like the Tennessee game in Week 1 (14 carries for 33 yds, 3 rec for 39 yds) with upside, though, given that Gabbert is starting at QB.

Vernon Davis – Davis has been off to a quiet start this year, being used largely for blocking.  He wants to see more action, and I think this will be the week Jimmy Harbaugh gives it to him, given Braylon Edwards is sidelined with a knee injury.

And guys I don’t like so much this week:

Anquan Boldin – The Rams have been kind of stingy with passing yards, and the Ravens are run first anyway.  Whether or not S Jax is back, I think is a low-scoring, Ravens dominated game with Ray Rice written all over it.

Hakeem Nicks – On the one hand, he’s an every week starter, but on the other hand, I think he’s in for a disappointing week.  Roddy White had a quiet 3 rec for 23 yds against the Eagles last week (though 1 TD), and with Hixon out for the year, Nicks is likely to be double covered a lot by the Eagles all-star secondary.

Felix Jones – It makes me sad to have Jones on this list, because he was one of my early picks, and I think this game will be the beginning of his spiral into platoon-dom.  Despite his shoulder injury, Jones is expected to play, but I think Garrett ends up rotating the touches between him, DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice.  I don’t think either of those two are worth starting either, as the Redskins defense has been quietly underrated, and whatever rushing yards they do give up will be split 3 ways.  Witten and Bryant are the Cowboys to start this week.

Beanie Wells – He’s been off to a relatively hot start, but I think this is the week that Beanie starts to show his true colors.  Though not a good team at all, the one salvageable piece to pull out of the Seahawks’ wreckage, is that they have a decent run defense.  Couple that with playing in Seattle, and I think it makes for a quiet day for Wells.

Percy Harvin – A popular mid-round sleeper in drafts, Harvin is quickly losing elan.  Between McNabb’s paltry 39 passing yds in Week 1, and Harvin being on the field for only 44% of snaps last week, the cards seem stacked against him.  This week they face their division rival Lions, whose offense and defense have been on a tear.  Tough track record, tough match-up.

In other news, if you hadn’t seen, Cincy’s #2 wide-out, Jerome Simpson, got into a little police trouble this week when 2 1/2 pounds of marijuana were delivered to his home.  Upon searching his home, the police found another 6 pounds, plus scales, wrappers, etc.  Dude, are they not paying this guy enough???




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