This Week in Fantasy

Week 3 Survivor Pick

I was 6-0 on my picks last week, though I’m not going to pat myself on the back too much, since 4 of them were gimmes.  This week should prove a little harder to predict, as there are a lot of intradivision games, which I think are always up for grabs.  As a rule, I generally try to stay away from picking teams in rivalry games, but this week you have fewer options.  Here are my thoughts:

Obvious Choices:

Chiefs at Chargers (-14 1/2) – I mean, there’s really no choice but to pick on the Chiefs.  (Please note, I said “pick on” NOT “pick”!)  The Chargers are not going to lose this game.  KC has no defense and no offense, and they’re playing in San Diego.  75-90% of your pool will pick the Chargers.  I know “any given Sunday”…yadda, yadda, yadda.  AND it’s a divisional rivalry, but an upset ain’t gonna happen.  No way.

Steelers at Colts (+10 1/2) – There’s still that little issue of the Steelers getting spanked in Week 1, and the game’s in Indy, so it’s not as compelling a pick as it should be.  That said, the Steelers are a very good team, whereas Kerry Collins is just not gelling.  The Colts will win eventually, just not this week.

Broncos at Titans (-7 1/2) – The Broncos fall into the “teams to pick on” category with the Chiefs.  Though Dumervil is back, Bailey is still out, and Kenny Britt has been unstoppable.  On paper, this should be an obvious pick…I just don’t know if I’ve seen enough of Hasselbeck with this team to make it this week.

Alternative Choice:

If you decide you do want to get cute this week, I like the Panthers (-3 1/2) at home over the Jaguars.  Cam Newton and Steve Smith are going to continue their streak and finally get the kid his first NFL win.

And not that I would actually pick these teams to get upset, but be glad if you see your competitors pick:

JetsThe Jets are kind of beat up, and it’s in Oakland.  It’s going to be a slugfest and is anyone’s game.

Patriots – They’re an 8 1/2 point favorite, but it’s a divisional rivalry in Buffalo, and the Bills seem to have their best team since like 1989.  It’s going to be an air assault on both sides…I just wonder if Brady can continue this pace he’s on.  And they’re now missing one of their tight ends from their productive 2-TE sets.  If anything smells like the season’s first major upset, this does.



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