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Your fantasy team is in shambles.

So, my friend makes this drink called “Shambles.”  It’s champagne, vodka, and Red Bull.  You might be able to guess how it gets its name.  When you have a Shambles or two at the beginning of an evening, it can only end in one of three ways:  you pass out early, you go down in … Continue reading

The Tebow Debate

So what’s the deal with this kid?  Is he for real, or is he just hype?  Everybody seems to love him (though, I find his hyper religiousness somewhat off-putting), but will he live up to his expectations? I didn’t happen to watch the Miami v. Denver game last week, though I caught parts of it.  … Continue reading

I hate football.

I hate football.  I hate when my team loses (real life or fantasy).  When both lose in the same week, I go into a deep, dark depression that lasts at least until Thursday (hence the radio silence on the blog last week).  I hate the idea of a London-based NFL team.  I hate all the … Continue reading

Newton vs. Cassel – Playing the Match-Ups

As I’ve discussed in a previous post, one of our readers, Los Medicos de Nueva York, found himself in a sticky situation in his draft when he waited too long to draft a QB and his competitors started to box him in.  Lucky for Los Medicos, he ended up with Cam Newton, after also picking … Continue reading

So I won. Obviously.

I got a lot of response to my last post about my marital rivalry.  You all will be happy and relieved to know I won.  Of course, I shouldn’t brag too much…as one of our readers, Ben M., pointed out, The Hubby’s team is pretty bad, and I would probably have no business commenting on … Continue reading

When fantasy and reality collide.

This is it.  My least favorite week of the season.  It’s Me vs. The Hubby week.  There’s not a single game I feel more pressured to win, nor a single game I am more embarrassed to lose.  A bit of history:  I started playing fantasy football ten years ago, when my husband’s college friends started … Continue reading

When the free agency pool dries….

Without a doubt, fantasy football seasons can be won or lost by the quality of your free agency and waiver wire pick-ups.  Last year the biggest difference maker for my season was Jacob Tamme, who I scored after Dallas Clark went down with his season-ending injury, and I went on to win my league’s championship.  … Continue reading