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Newton vs. Cassel – Playing the Match-Ups

As I’ve discussed in a previous post, one of our readers, Los Medicos de Nueva York, found himself in a sticky situation in his draft when he waited too long to draft a QB and his competitors started to box him in.  Lucky for Los Medicos, he ended up with Cam Newton, after also picking Matt Cassel as a shaky QB1.

After two serviceable weeks and one down-right hot week against Indy, Cassel has now reinserted himself into Los Medicos’ considerations for starters.  In my opinion, Newton is still the clear starter in this tandem.  Though he hasn’t had much track record to back it up, he does appear to be the outright better QB.  Additionally, Carolina’s reinvigorated offense centers around Newton’s game, down to even giving him all the goal line carries.  Compare that to Kansas City, where Cassel is in a run-first offense and has little to no involvement in the rushing game himself.  It seems obvious that Newton should be the every week starter.

However, Cassel could still be of some use when Newton faces particularly tough match-ups.  Next week KC has a bye, but in Week 7, for example, the Panthers face the Redskins and the Chiefs face the Raiders.  The Redskins’ defense has been solid to quite solid, and over four games the Raiders defense has given up 50 more points than the Redskins to its opponents.  This makes a Cassel start a bit more tempting.  Get back to me closer to that time, and we’ll see what other factors are in play.

As a side note, Los Medicos’ situation is exactly why I, by law, always draft my QBs early.  I have just found that my fantasy teams perform far better when I have a confident, every-week starter (like Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady) in that position.  For me, taking the guesswork out of who I should start at QB gives me more roster flexibility and allows me more time to research and compare receivers and running backs that I can take chances on.  But I’ll write more on that strategy next summer when I do my draft guide….

Until then, Los Medicos, stick with Cam.  Though, if we get a few more solid weeks out of Cassel, let’s start thinking about trades you could make….



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