This Week in Fantasy

So I won. Obviously.

I got a lot of response to my last post about my marital rivalry.  You all will be happy and relieved to know I won.  Of course, I shouldn’t brag too much…as one of our readers, Ben M., pointed out, The Hubby’s team is pretty bad, and I would probably have no business commenting on fantasy football if I had an inferior squad.  Still, any given Sunday….

As expected, The Hubby’s team only really got points from Brady, McGahee and Vernon Davis.  He made some roster moves, including free agency pick ups, but none worth mentioning.  I had a predictably solid output from Brees, Mike Wallace, Steve Smith and Jermaine Gresham (my bye-week sub for Jason Witten).  My biggest surprise, however, was Jackie Battle.  Not only did I pick him up for free last Thursday, but I actually started him.  (To be fair, I am fairly weak in the RB category–Felix Jones was on a bye, Brandon Jacobs was injured, so I had to go out on a limb with someone.)

Jackie Battle is an obvious example of taking risks to find hidden jems.  I picked up some quiet buzz about him last Wednesday and Thursday:  Matthew Berry mentioned him on Twitter as a potential deep sleeper; a writer on highlighted him in reference to Todd Haley’s suggestion that Battle would be getting more time.  So Thursday night I pulled the trigger and dropped Deji Karim (whose carries per game have been on the decline) to pick him up.  I can’t say I was confident starting him, though I figured he’d definitely get more than the 0.28 points Yahoo predicted for him.  Fortunately the risk paid off for one week (though I would’ve still beaten The Hubby even if I hadn’t started anyone in the RB2 position), and signs point to him not being a fluke but rather a good flex option with RB2 upside.  (Which on my team makes him an every-week RB2 contender.)

That said, I was a big loser this week when it came to picks.  Being knocked out of two Survivor Pools for picking the Giants is bittersweet, because I do love to watch Eli Manning implode in a game that should be an easy win.  I love seeing Eli choke almost as much as Chris Cooley loves watching Romo go down.  I do owe apologies to Ben M. for misguidance on picking the Titans, the Saints (who didn’t cover), and the Giants.  I don’t think Week 6 picks will be any easier, but this is why I love football!



One thought on “So I won. Obviously.

  1. Apology accepted. So much for picking against Big Ben and Cam Newton. Lesson learned. As for the Giants, well, they deserve to lose the rest of the season after that performance on Sunday. Pathetic.

    Congrats on beating The Hubby’s team, even though that match up was akin to the Packers playing a college team.

    Posted by Ben M. | October 13, 2011, 3:12 pm

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