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The Tebow Debate

So what’s the deal with this kid?  Is he for real, or is he just hype?  Everybody seems to love him (though, I find his hyper religiousness somewhat off-putting), but will he live up to his expectations?

I didn’t happen to watch the Miami v. Denver game last week, though I caught parts of it.  The fairytale finish is obviously adding to his hype.  With just 3 minutes left in the game Denver was shut out and down by 15 points.  Tebow leads the team on an 80-yard touchdown drive, followed by a successful on-side kick that gives the Broncos the ball back at their own 44.  Another decisive 56-yard touchdown drive, and the score is 15-13.  OBVIOUSLY, Denver would go for the 2-pt conversion, and OBVIOUSLY the play would be for Tebow to run it in.  I don’t know a single Dolphins fan, Broncos fan, jai alai fan who this WASN’T obvious to.  Yet, there he went, untouched, into the end zone to tie the game.  As much as you can give credit to Tebow for that, the Dolphins spent the last 3 minutes in a prevent D (which we all know just “prevents the win”), and then had an epic fail moment defending the 2 pt conversion.

So can you say Tebow is clutch?  Well, he spent the first 55 minutes of that game in an abominable tail spin.  He was sacked 7 times and only had 24 passing yards in the entire first half.  His completion percentage hasn’t topped 50% in any NFL game.  Yes, he can run, but is that going to be enough?  He showed signs of greatness, but only once Miami was playing the looser prevent.  They barely won…against Miami, people.  MIAMI.  Puh-lease.  I need to see a lot more from him before I’m singing his praises as a pro.

In the mean time, here’s some food for thought:  ever noticed how he could be the younger brother of another Florida Gator-turned-pro QB?  Hmmm….

Tebow as a pro

Rex as a pro

You make the call, but I think they’re brothers.

Tebow at Florida

Rex at Florida

Rex is a ladies' man

Tebow is a ladies' man



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