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Happy Halloween, Tom Brady

I had completely forgotten about the Dark Days I went through with Tom Brady when he dumped Bridget Moynahan, who was JUST ABOUT TO HAVE HIS BABY, for Gisele Bundchen.  Well, this evening the lovely Bridget (dressed as Princess Leia) and Tom Brady’s love child happened to be trick or treating at my store in downtown Manhattan.  They were both really delightful, and it’s only renewed my insistence that karma is going to come back to bite him eventually.  And I don’t mean in the form of a loss to the Steelers.  Somewhere in between that and bodily harm.  Like complete Romo-esque meltdown and mortification.  We’ll see, but that’s my Halloween hex.

Also, just to follow up on my post from this weekend, the Friend in Shambles I wrote about chose not to take my advice about using Javon Ringer, who ended up with 13.10 fantasy points in our league.  Fortunately for Winter Hill Gang, he lost by a much larger margin than that…otherwise I’d NEVER let him live that down.



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