Super Bowl Monday

First of all, it should be a national holiday.  I may run for office with that as my sole platform.  But aside from being tired, slightly hungover and in-digested, the day after the Super Bowl always represents a big marker in my year.  It’s like when Red is paroled after 40 years at Shawshank, and he’s a little uncertain how he’ll survive in the outside world.  For the last 5 1/2 months, my life has revolved around football.  It dictates my (and my family’s) weekend plans, it’s what I spend the most time reading about, it’s what I listen about on the radio, it’s what I talk to my friends about.  And now what?  Nothing.  On the one hand, it’s freeing.  Think of all the work I’ll be able to get done now.  Think of what a better parent I’ll be.  (No more, “mommy’s watching the game right now–I’ll read to you at halftime.”)  But I face this half of the year with trepidation.  There’s something missing from my life.

To make matters worse, I’m surrounded by Giants fans (“yeah, World Champions!  Again!” “Eli is SO clutch.”)  Vomit.  And even though the Redskins should be World Champions by the transitive property (a fact not even lost on my 6 year old), it’s a tough pill to swallow until the ’12 season kicks off.  So, until then, this is what I have to look forward to:

1. Jay-Z playing at Carnegie Hall tonight

2.  March Madness

3.  Peyton Manning news

4.  The 2012 NFL Draft

5.  We might get a dog this spring/summer

6.  Summer vacation & prepping for my fantasy draft

7.  Pre-season begins.

That’s not so bad…football will be back again before we know it!



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