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Separating the (Wo)men from the Boys

Week Four in the NFL season always marks a turning point in fantasy football season.  Managers who got lucky at first or who had a good draft but fail to follow through on the upkeep start to weed themselves out of the playoff hunt.  Similarly, savvy waiver wire watchers can take an otherwise mediocre team … Continue reading

The Art of the Trade

Here was my timeline of events last Sunday morning, pre-1:00pm ET kick off: 9:00am – Checked Twitter for last-minute injury updates, and went to League 1 to replace Pierre Garcon in my line up. Noticed I had a trade offer on the table from The Canadian Juggernaut (who this year happens to be only Canadian, … Continue reading

Goodell, Blow the Whistle on the Ref Lockout Already!

There’s no question that the NFL replacement officials are having a tough time on the job.  It’s hard to fault them entirely–these guys are in over their heads, are under-trained and are being bullied by players and coaches. But just when I was about to feel sorry for the replacements, unabashed bias is now being … Continue reading

Week Two in Fantasy Football – Start Thinking Ahead

I admit it, in my two top-priority fantasy leagues this year, I broke one of my cardinal draft-day rules: avoid creating a quarterback controversy.  My theory is that, if you play in a one-QB league, you want your starter to be a no-brainer, so you can spend your time researching and fiddling with your RB/WR … Continue reading

Week One Reactions…Hold Your Horses!

The first game of regular season football is like coming home after a grueling 7 months on the road. Settling in on the couch and watching the opening kickoff is like stepping across your threshold and seeing your family photos. Hearing Al Michaels’ voice is like putting on your favorite pair of slippers. Even Chris … Continue reading

Women in Fantasy Football

In this week’s “Love/Hate” Column by Matthew Berry, he revives his description of “that guy” in every league.  (If you haven’t read it, you should.)  Anyway, one of the quotes I liked best: “‘That guy’ is a sexist. Won’t let a woman in his league or thinks it’s the end of the world when he … Continue reading