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The Art of the Trade

Here was my timeline of events last Sunday morning, pre-1:00pm ET kick off: 9:00am – Checked Twitter for last-minute injury updates, and went to League 1 to replace Pierre Garcon in my line up. Noticed I had a trade offer on the table from The Canadian Juggernaut (who this year happens to be only Canadian, … Continue reading

Fantasy Football Draft #1 – Highlights and Regrets

Here was the scene at my house last night around 7:30: Having just finished dinner, my husband took out his laptop and was corresponding with some office colleagues, my daughters were happily coloring at the coffee table, and I settled into the couch with some mindless work and turned on my recording of “Real Housewives … Continue reading

NFC East…Burgeoning Juggernauts

Over the next few weeks I’ll give an overview of the fantasy-relevant quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends in each division.  In the interest of keeping these columns under 10,000 words, rather than going into substantial detail on each player (there are plenty of sources for that), I tried to give you about … Continue reading

5 Fundamentals to Approaching Your Fantasy Roster

So you decided to join a fantasy football league. Or maybe you’re already part of one, but you want to improve. Or maybe you’ve been playing for years, and you want to stay at the top of your game. No matter what your knowledge base and level of experience, there are 5 fundamental considerations to … Continue reading

Bounty-gate! And its fantasy implications…

Given that it’s the off-season and the March Madness is just warming up, I won’t chide you for being unfamiliar with Bounty-gate.  But if you really call yourself a football fan, you should be aware–it’s eclipsed Peyton Manning’s future as the biggest NFL story right now.  Essentially, the story broke last Friday, that the New … Continue reading

Lineup Nirvana

So, for those of you who don’t already watch The League on FX, I highly recommend it.  It is a hilariously spot-on parody of a group of friends in a fantasy football league–totally relate-able.  But whether or not you’ve seen it, I’m sure anyone who plays fantasy football understands the feeling that the show coined … Continue reading

A Bush in the hand is worth two in the bush…

Few things can be as satisfying to a fantasy football manager than executing a successful trade.  To add to the excitement, my primary league added the ability to trade future draft picks for the first time this year.  So you get to this point in the season when there are teams at the bottom who … Continue reading

Prepping for the Playoffs

Entering the back half of the season, now is the time that some teams will start looking ahead at the playoff weeks.  During the initial draft I, for one, never worry about strength of schedule when I choose my team.  It’s too impossible to predict how competitive teams will be before the season starts, and … Continue reading

Newton vs. Cassel – Playing the Match-Ups

As I’ve discussed in a previous post, one of our readers, Los Medicos de Nueva York, found himself in a sticky situation in his draft when he waited too long to draft a QB and his competitors started to box him in.  Lucky for Los Medicos, he ended up with Cam Newton, after also picking … Continue reading

The Loyalty Gods of Fantasy Football

OK, it’s taken me a couple days to get over the Redskins’ gut-wrenching loss to the Cowgirls on Monday night.  But I’m back.  I got an email from a reader, and fellow Redskins fan, with the following question that may be applicable to others out there: “Can you be upset after the fact if your … Continue reading