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Quarterback Smack Talk on Facebook

This link has been forwarded to me by a number of my friends now.  I’ve gotta hand it to whoever wrote it, he sure nailed all our favorite QBs in just the right way: Advertisements

Women in Fantasy Football

In this week’s “Love/Hate” Column by Matthew Berry, he revives his description of “that guy” in every league.  (If you haven’t read it, you should.)  Anyway, one of the quotes I liked best: “‘That guy’ is a sexist. Won’t let a woman in his league or thinks it’s the end of the world when he … Continue reading

It’s the small victories

When your team is in the toilet, you have to look to the smaller moments of each game for happiness.  I love that the Redskins were the cause of this:

Happy Halloween, Tom Brady

I had completely forgotten about the Dark Days I went through with Tom Brady when he dumped Bridget Moynahan, who was JUST ABOUT TO HAVE HIS BABY, for Gisele Bundchen.  Well, this evening the lovely Bridget (dressed as Princess Leia) and Tom Brady’s love child happened to be trick or treating at my store in … Continue reading

I swear, I’m not stalking him

These Romo things just keep falling into my lap.  Take a look at his high school yearbook photo…do you think this guy will strike fear in the minds of the Redskins tonight?

Another reason to dislike the Giants

I would take Jessica Simpson over champagne-swilling Gaga ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.  (Credit to A Girl Named Bong for bringing it to my attention.)

While we’re on the subject of making fun of quarterbacks…

I won’t single out Romo.  This is old, but, courtesy TMZ, worth seeing what Tom Brady looks like riding down a water slide.  This is where my “US Weekly Factor” comes into play in my draft strategy, but, then again, maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better about the 500+ yards he put … Continue reading

And maybe I’m officially obsessed with Tony Romo

Not for his goofy good looks, but because I kind of want him to be one of my friends.  In the way that every group of friends has one guy that always gets picked on.  So I watched his wedding video on YouTube.  Totally cheesy, but it might have made me tear up a little.  … Continue reading

I am endlessly amused by this…

Tony Romo is the butt of many jokes, but does he have to bring it upon himself so much???  Read this blurb from AM NY.  My friend Dan’s reaction was this: 1) Real men play sardines. 2) Dude is 6’3″ 225lbs and he’s talking up his hiding abilities like he’s Anne Frank. 3) He admits … Continue reading