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Quarterback Smack Talk on Facebook

This link has been forwarded to me by a number of my friends now.  I’ve gotta hand it to whoever wrote it, he sure nailed all our favorite QBs in just the right way: Advertisements

It’s the small victories

When your team is in the toilet, you have to look to the smaller moments of each game for happiness.  I love that the Redskins were the cause of this:

Happy Halloween, Tom Brady

I had completely forgotten about the Dark Days I went through with Tom Brady when he dumped Bridget Moynahan, who was JUST ABOUT TO HAVE HIS BABY, for Gisele Bundchen.  Well, this evening the lovely Bridget (dressed as Princess Leia) and Tom Brady’s love child happened to be trick or treating at my store in … Continue reading

Dispelling Misconceptions

So, watching football this weekend, I noticed a lot of things that are actually not what the common belief might have been, or what they might’ve used to be.  Some came as a surprise to me, some are things I’ve probably known all along, but got reinforced this weekend.  Here’s what was most obvious to … Continue reading

While we’re on the subject of making fun of quarterbacks…

I won’t single out Romo.  This is old, but, courtesy TMZ, worth seeing what Tom Brady looks like riding down a water slide.  This is where my “US Weekly Factor” comes into play in my draft strategy, but, then again, maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better about the 500+ yards he put … Continue reading