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Quarterback Smack Talk on Facebook

This link has been forwarded to me by a number of my friends now.  I’ve gotta hand it to whoever wrote it, he sure nailed all our favorite QBs in just the right way: Advertisements

Separating the (Wo)men from the Boys

Week Four in the NFL season always marks a turning point in fantasy football season.  Managers who got lucky at first or who had a good draft but fail to follow through on the upkeep start to weed themselves out of the playoff hunt.  Similarly, savvy waiver wire watchers can take an otherwise mediocre team … Continue reading

Bounty-gate! And its fantasy implications…

Given that it’s the off-season and the March Madness is just warming up, I won’t chide you for being unfamiliar with Bounty-gate.  But if you really call yourself a football fan, you should be aware–it’s eclipsed Peyton Manning’s future as the biggest NFL story right now.  Essentially, the story broke last Friday, that the New … Continue reading

Karma’s a Bitch.

Last year I played my friend Mustache in the championship game for our league. Mustache had been about 12 Coors Lights deep during our draft that year (well, every year), so no one took him seriously. But he was the one in our league in 2010 who took a chance on Michael Vick as a … Continue reading

Hola, Victor Cruz!

A couple weeks ago I mistakenly took Giants’ WR Victor Cruz off my fantasy radar when they signed veteran slot receiver Brandon Stokley.  Well, yesterday Cruz proved me wrong with 3 receptions for 110 yds and 2 TDs.  With Domenick Hixon out for the season and Mario Manningham out yesterday after suffering a concussion, and … Continue reading