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Week Two in Fantasy Football – Start Thinking Ahead

I admit it, in my two top-priority fantasy leagues this year, I broke one of my cardinal draft-day rules: avoid creating a quarterback controversy.  My theory is that, if you play in a one-QB league, you want your starter to be a no-brainer, so you can spend your time researching and fiddling with your RB/WR … Continue reading

Week One Reactions…Hold Your Horses!

The first game of regular season football is like coming home after a grueling 7 months on the road. Settling in on the couch and watching the opening kickoff is like stepping across your threshold and seeing your family photos. Hearing Al Michaels’ voice is like putting on your favorite pair of slippers. Even Chris … Continue reading

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

I own a bakery. Every year, for the Super Bowl, we make cookies with the logos of the two teams and a number of the key players names and numbers. We get orders from all over the country, and, with so many transplanted football fans living in NYC as well, no matter which teams are … Continue reading

Lineup Nirvana

So, for those of you who don’t already watch The League on FX, I highly recommend it.  It is a hilariously spot-on parody of a group of friends in a fantasy football league–totally relate-able.  But whether or not you’ve seen it, I’m sure anyone who plays fantasy football understands the feeling that the show coined … Continue reading

You just got Ndamukonged!

Everyone who’s played fantasy football knows the feeling. It’s the week when all your star players get shut down at once. Or the week when you leave 60 points on the bench. Or when you go to bed during the 4th quarter of the Monday night game with a comfortable lead, only to wake up … Continue reading

An Embarrassment of Riches

So, last night a friend of mine, Teddy D., served me up with one of those “I have so many good players, I just don’t know who to start” questions.  On the one hand, he could have been fishing for compliments on his team management prowess, but, on the other hand, we’re now at a … Continue reading

Prepping for the Playoffs

Entering the back half of the season, now is the time that some teams will start looking ahead at the playoff weeks.  During the initial draft I, for one, never worry about strength of schedule when I choose my team.  It’s too impossible to predict how competitive teams will be before the season starts, and … Continue reading

Your fantasy team is in shambles.

So, my friend makes this drink called “Shambles.”  It’s champagne, vodka, and Red Bull.  You might be able to guess how it gets its name.  When you have a Shambles or two at the beginning of an evening, it can only end in one of three ways:  you pass out early, you go down in … Continue reading

When fantasy and reality collide.

This is it.  My least favorite week of the season.  It’s Me vs. The Hubby week.  There’s not a single game I feel more pressured to win, nor a single game I am more embarrassed to lose.  A bit of history:  I started playing fantasy football ten years ago, when my husband’s college friends started … Continue reading

When the free agency pool dries….

Without a doubt, fantasy football seasons can be won or lost by the quality of your free agency and waiver wire pick-ups.  Last year the biggest difference maker for my season was Jacob Tamme, who I scored after Dallas Clark went down with his season-ending injury, and I went on to win my league’s championship.  … Continue reading