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The Art of the Trade

Here was my timeline of events last Sunday morning, pre-1:00pm ET kick off: 9:00am – Checked Twitter for last-minute injury updates, and went to League 1 to replace Pierre Garcon in my line up. Noticed I had a trade offer on the table from The Canadian Juggernaut (who this year happens to be only Canadian, … Continue reading

Fantasy Football Draft #1 – Highlights and Regrets

Here was the scene at my house last night around 7:30: Having just finished dinner, my husband took out his laptop and was corresponding with some office colleagues, my daughters were happily coloring at the coffee table, and I settled into the couch with some mindless work and turned on my recording of “Real Housewives … Continue reading

5 Fundamentals to Approaching Your Fantasy Roster

So you decided to join a fantasy football league. Or maybe you’re already part of one, but you want to improve. Or maybe you’ve been playing for years, and you want to stay at the top of your game. No matter what your knowledge base and level of experience, there are 5 fundamental considerations to … Continue reading

The Token Girl

It wasn’t always that way–me as The Token Girl. Ten years ago, when my husband’s college friends (and, seeing as we went to college together, my friends too) started a fantasy football league, it was to be male-only. No nonsense. Very serious stuff. Of course, knowing that I am a serious football fan, and also … Continue reading