About Me

I am not an expert or a guru.  I am just a girl who likes fantasy football and has had decent success at it over the past 10 years.  Despite having a full time job and two kids to raise, I waste endless hours on this hobby, because it involves four things I love: football, recreational competition, gambling and procrastinating.  But please keep in mind THIS IS ONLY MY HOBBY, so don’t lose it if I don’t post news on time or get something wrong or whatever.

Since I don’t have a full staff (yet) to analyze all NFL statistics, interview organizations, and stay ahead of rumors, everything here is based on what’s already available to read or watch publicly and then presented with my opinion, for what it’s worth.  Which may not be a lot.  Which is why I’m not charging you anything or selling ads on this site.

All I ask from you is that if you like what you read and find it useful or at least enjoyable, comment on the site, tell your friends to follow me on Twitter, etc.  Then one day maybe I’ll be able to opine on ESPN, get some kind of endorsement, or get invited to Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Bowl party.  A girl can dream.



One thought on “About Me

  1. I’m happy to that I stumbled onto your site. I share an addiction to fantasy football and appreciate that you identified procrastination as one of the reasons you love it. I can’t count the hours I spend each week reading and listening to all football related news, and there is no telling the tasks that I postpone because of football. I’ll be adding you to my list of sites to check out each week!

    Posted by Tracy | July 9, 2012, 9:54 pm

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